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Competing in an AI world requires human skills.

xPresso Ed provides association and non-profit staff, volunteer leaders, and members with the training they need to be effective leaders in their organizations, as well as in their personal and professional lives. 

We like our education like we like our coffee - short intense bursts straight to the cerebellum. 

We offer specialized programs for association and non-profit staff and volunteers, including our Board Orientation and Association Compendium.

 We feature soft skills training on such topics as emotional intelligence, creative-problem solving, conflict resolution, and much more.

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  • Activate integrally aligned xPresso mindsets.
  • Fast, top tier, practical online and live courses.
  • Short, hard-hitting content for busy professionals.
  • Curated course catalog so you don't have to hunt.
  • Course discussion groups.
  • Highlight and make notes on any course content.
  • Certificates you can share on social media.
  • Your own personal learner profile.
  • Access to your own library of resources.
  • Private community to network with other learners.
  • Access to our curated xPresso Daily News RSS feeds.
  • Access to the Association Forecast Blog.

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