Board Orientation

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Course Overview
We want to see you in the boardroom, not a courtroom. This practical course is based on the in-person training we have been doing for years with volunteer boards of directors of associations and nonprofits. Packed with real-world advice and designed to get your board term off to a great start.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the characteristics of a high performance board
  • Fully grasp your role as a member of a volunteer board of directors
  • Gain a working knowledge of your legal responsibilities
  • Explain the fundamental principles of good governance
  • Be able to recognize signs of dysfunction and deal with them
  • Be an effective team player and contribute to your board's success
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Certificate Included
Announcing Our Board Orientation Partnership!

xPresso Ed and Vista Cova!

The Virtual Board Orientation course contains the essential knowledge your board members need to execute their fiduciary duties. Yet, taking your board to the next level may require some hands on instruction.

xPresso Ed has partnered with Vista Cova to provide a complete package that includes the virtual component plus customized in-person onboarding experiences for your board at a single price. Each session is custom designed to fit your unique organizational culture and leadership needs. Our approach includes reflective discussions, team-building activities, and sprint simulations of board activities, from running efficient board meetings to representing the organization publicly.

Reflective Discussions


What is our leadership strength and potential?

Culture and Values

How do we create and reinforce our desired culture and values?


How do we have critical conversations?


How do we create a welcoming and inclusive environment?
Meet the Instructor

Shelly Alcorn

Shelly is the Principal Futurist at Michelle Alcorn and Associates and specializes in non-profit trade associations and professional societies. Shelly stands at the intersection of technology, the education-to-employment system, and the association of the future. She conducts strategic, leadership and staff retreats, and speaks on critical issues faced by the association community and society. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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