5 Things ChatGPT Told Me it Could Do for Associations

Shelly Alcorn
(Editor's Note: I generated the image above by using the following prompt in the AI powered DALL-E engine - "artificial intelligence in a time portal")

I am teaching a course later on this week called Associations and ChatGPT (register here: https://www.xpresso-ed.com/course/associations-and-chatgpt) and in preparation I've been investigating ChatGPT's responses to certain questions.

ChatGPT isn't the only AI engine out there, and arguably it isn't even the best, but it is the one that is on everyone's mind and for good reason. I'd like to share ChatGPT's responses to the question I just asked: "What are five things ChatGPT can do to help associations reach new members?"

1. Content creation: ChatGPT can assist trade associations in creating engaging and informative content such as articles, blog posts, and social media posts that can be used to attract and retain members. This content can cover industry specific topics, highlight the benefits of membership, and provide information on upcoming events or initiatives.

2. Email campaigns: ChatGPT can assist trade associations in creating targeted email campaigns to reach potential members. These emails can be used to promote events, share industry news and updates, and provide information on the benefits of joining the association.

3. Member engagement: ChatGPT can assist trade associations in developing strategies for engaging current members and keeping them involved in association activities. This can include creating online forums or discussion groups, conducting surveys to gather feedback, or organizing member-only events.

4. Networking opportunities. ChatGPT can assist trade associations in organizing networking events and opportunities for members to connect with one another. This can include virtual or in-person networking events, member directories, or online communities, where members can connect and share information.

5. Online presence. ChatGPT can assist trade associations in developing and maintaining an online presence through creating and managing websites, social media accounts, and online directories. This can help increase visibility and reach for the association, and make it easier for potential members to find and join the association. 

Now, if you just read that list and thought to yourself, "Well, that doesn't seem particularly groundbreaking," you are missing the point. It isn't groundbreaking. It's mind-numbingly, unbelievably, vanilla pudding accurately, normal. I didn't have to Google it to see blog posts or articles from any of our association consultants or SAE websites that might have backtracked me to their own websites. It just exists. In my pocket. In seconds.

When the internet first came along, most of us didn't foresee the ultimate consequences. Search became king and associations shifted their strategies to content curation, hoping their SEO would keep them on Google's front page so members would click on their websites and benefit from their expertise. As the sphere became louder, we shifted to social media to redirect people to our online presence. 

Now what?

Well, I have some ideas and I will start sharing them this week. Register and join us on Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific if you want the answers to the next question I asked it about the future of associations.
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