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We developed xPresso Ed to give you a tool and a wider community to help you face the challenges coming our way from the Turbulent Twenties. We combine education with conversation, and we are looking to the association and nonprofit communities to step up and provide the leadership the world needs now.

We believe our ability to engage effectively in the wider global society around us comes down to who we are, not necessarily what we know or where we come from. Because of this, our focus is on the skills needed for effective management of our organizations, our boards, our people, and ourselves.

We have recognized the reality that our planet and human society are both teetering on an untenable edge. The twin catastrophes of climate change and larger socio-economic disruption are creating a perfect storm. After considering the skills required to adapt in this environment, we realized what we need more than anything are universal skills we can use in the boardroom, the office, the home, and in the streets.

We have used the term soft skills for years to describe content that addresses topics such as leadership, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Whether we call them soft skills, future skills, power skills, or people skills, our plan is to take them to the next level.

We are building our course content strategy around activating the xPresso Mindsets, and our goal is to create a system where we learn together and create transformative change. 
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Integral Alignment

We have learned there is power in aligning our interior lives with our exterior behavior, and then helping our organizations do the same.

We are explicitly embedding these four elements into our content development process.


Align your innermost self with your behavior, then influence the organizations you join and support.


Seek the balance between knowledge and action, and find the solutions living in the spaces in between. 


Regenerate your personal and professional life, and heed the call to live in your authentic truth.


Flexibility and adaptation will increase your overall resilience and your capacity to recover quickly when thrown off. 
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How we focus our curriculum.

The xPresso Ed

Activate your personal potential and regenerate your life. See more details below.
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We show leadership through service to others. We  double-up on solutions, and double-down on empathy.


Together, we prepare for a world of exponential change and unleash our natural innovation.


We improve our quality of life in deep collaboration with others and approach wellness holistically.


When clear on our values, we can easily engage in ethical action and persevere with purpose.


Kick it into gear and GO! Use your critical thinking skills to tackle an uncertain future with courage and confidence.

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