The Phoenix Sessions - LIVE

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Course Overview
Incredible transformative journey on a compressed time frame. We review deep adaptation principles of resilience, relinquishment, restoration, and reconciliation through an integral lens. Next course October 2 to 27, 2023.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the principles of deep adaptation
  • Review each topic through an integral lens
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your life, career, and what is happening in the larger world around you
  • Engage in discussion with your cohort
  • Transformative process - 20 hours
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Certificate Included

More About the Phoenix Sessions


We are facing enormous and rapidly accelerating challenges with climate change, global socio-economic instability, and other hyper-disruptive societal trends. 


Our response is to grab the smartest people we know and throw them into a facilitated process to help us deepen our awareness and collaboration on potential solutions across all walks of life.


We have designed this virtual online living laboratory for maximum accessibility. Materials are accessed through xPresso Ed and calls will be on Zoom.


People who want to take the path less traveled and discuss both their fears and positive future aspirations using a holistic approach.


Through a combination of self-study and reflection, and facilitated small group discussion with your co-hort.


Next class runs October 2 -27, 2023. Three calls per week, MWF at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Shelly Alcorn

Shelly is the Principal Futurist at Michelle Alcorn and Associates and specializes in non-profit trade associations and professional societies. Shelly stands at the intersection of technology, the education-to-employment system, and the association of the future. She conducts strategic, leadership and staff retreats, and speaks on critical issues faced by the association community and society. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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