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Dealing with uncertainty is a fact of 21st century life. xPresso Ed is here to help you, and your staff, volunteers, and members brush up their soft skill competencies in a convenient online or in-app experience.

Board Orientation

The online board orientation is a convenient and affordable way to ensure your volunteer leaders have the information they need to be an effective, high-performance board.

Association Compendium

This training helps your newer staff members develop the understanding and the competencies they need to fully engage in their work. It is also a great resource for those studying for the CAE.

Soft Skill Library

Our soft skill library provides training and resources on key topics around leadership, communication, DEIA, and other crucial skills that are important for everyone, but particularly association professionals.

Non-Dues Revenue

Your association can earn non-dues revenue on course sales by becoming an affiliate. Not only can your members benefit from training, they have a new resource for their own employees.

Monthly Subscription

You can subscribe to xPresso Ed for universal access to every course, plus live training and other events. One low price per month, and you get all the good stuff at your own pace.

Our Approach

We focus on changing mindsets through the power of aligning our interior lives with our exterior behavior, and then helping our organizations do the same.

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