Emotional Intelligence

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Course Overview
Emotional intelligence is the master key to unlock your life. The most successful people balance identifying, recognizing, regulating, leveraging, and controlling their own emotions, with "reading the room," and shifting their approach with others accordingly. Explore the EI realm today!
Aligned Learning Outcomes
  • Individual Interior - Examine your values and beliefs about the emotions you feel.
  • Individual Exterior - Use EI to change how you interact with others in your life.
  • Organizational Interior - Consider how to create an emotionally intelligent team.
  • Organizational Exterior - Learn to use emotionally intelligent strategy.
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Certificate Included

Course Lessons

I do believe I have certain strengths as a female CEO, such as having another level of awareness through emotional intelligence.
— Rana el Kaliouby
You need emotional intelligence; to be happy to take risks; to be competitive and to look forward not backwards.
— Deborah Meaden
Teach your kids emotional intelligence. Help them become more evolved than you are. Explain that, for instance, not everyone will like them.
— Pamela Druckerman

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